Giving Your All To God

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“And He sat down opposite the treasury and saw how the crowd was casting money into the treasury.”

Mark 12:40


Most of us are familiar with the story of the poor widow who puts in 2 copper mites in the temple offering. If we observe clearly the narration of this incident in the bible starts with and Jesus sat down opposite the treasury and saw… how often do we realize that we have an audience and that audience is God himself?

We can actually picture Jesus sitting opposite the treasury and watching the people put in their offerings. He was sitting there seeing, observing …actually waiting … waiting for that offering which was acceptable to Him. He is still doing the same today. How many times have we dedicated and rededicated ourselves to God? And how many of those prayers did we mean?? Is our response to the alter call spurred by a surge of emotion (which is very different from commitment), guilt (which is very different from conviction), a song (which again is very different from true heartfelt worship).

I was saved in 2001 in a small church in a small town. People there are very simple. Alter calls there do not draw large crowds because people don’t come up to the front unless they actually mean it. Big cities, I have noticed, have big churches, large membership and frequent alter calls with great response from the crowd.

Jesus knew what was in the hearts of each and every “so called” giver. And what caught his attention was not the most extravagant gift or a big sum but 2 copper mites offered by a poor widow. Wow!

What is it that you are giving Jesus? The bible says, “Many rich (people) were throwing in large sums.” But Jesus was not impressed. What did impress him was 2 copper coins given out of poverty!!! And it caught his attention because it was ALL that the widow had. It does not matter what you have or what you do not have. It does not matter whether it is much or little, good or bad, beautiful or ugly. All that maters is… is it ALL that you have??? Many a times we unconsciously evaluate our giving to God. There was an opportunity for me sing a song in church in Dec 2006 which opened doors for me to be in the church choir and then a worship leader for the youth service. There were many questions in my mind… though I had been involved in dramatics and elocution in my student years I had never sung in public. I had a decent voice but I had not had any formal voice training neither did I know how to play any musical instruments (except for a few guitar cords).

We ask, “Is it good enough?”. Let me tell you again. It does not matter what you have or what you do not have. What matters is ARE YOU GIVING ALL THAT YOU HAVE???

The bible goes on further to say, “and He called his disciples (to Him) and said to them, truly and surely I tell you, this widow (she who is) poverty stricken has put in more than all those contributing to the treasury.” The widows offering touched Jesus so much that he could no contain it within himself. He just could not sit there alone. He called his disciples and shared it to them. The bible says that the eyes of God are looking to and fro searching for people who are willing to stand in the gap for him. How much do you think does the heavenly father rejoice when he sees a child stand in front of him having given all that he has to offer? Don’t you think he summons His angels and all saints just as Jesus called his disciples?? My friend, give your all to God. He deserves all that you can give and even more. It is time that we get serious with God. It is time to give up those small things which we have been holding on to till now. Remember …Jesus is still next to the line still waiting for someone who is willing to say, “God, this is who I am with all I have. And I give it all to you..”

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