Walk of a young pastor who has a heart for the youth

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pastorheartBorn into a Christian family on January 24, 1986, Daniel Gadal from a small yet beautiful town of Mirik, Darjeeling, is one young pastor who has a heart for the youth. Daniel, who has been working with the youth for 10 years now, has touched the lives of many.

While speaking about his Christian life, he said that having grown up in a Christian family with a musical background, he was involved in ‘worship music’ and had knowledge about the ministry too. Gadal said, “Life was normal…. But God was just another factor for me. Nothing exciting or nothing interesting”

The turning point for Daniel was when he left his hometown and headed towards Bangalore to pursue his dream. “I went to Bangalore at the age of 21, looking for a job as musician. So I joined the Army band and was looking for recruitment,” told Daniel.

In the midst of all these, though it was difficult for him to attend any fellowship, Daniel had a longing for the presence of God.

He told, “Then I joined a small fellowship in Bangalore. The fellowship did not have a worship minister. So i started helping that group. I felt more drawn to the youth that come to the cities looking for job and career. So I skipped the army thing and started teaching and discipling the group without knowing what would happen next.”

Daniel had neither money nor a job at that time. But that did not stop him from following his heart and passion which led him to start a church with few others. Now, Living Faith Nepali Church is one of the biggest Nepali Church in Bangalore, said Daniel.

After spending 5 years in Bangalore, he felt a strong urge to return to West Bengal. He explained that he “came back and started travelling with Gospel and encouraging the young people with music and Word. Many were saved from addiction, depression and many more.”

Here, he pointed out that, “The effect of Gospel is powerful when you start LOVING people.” He believes that even if one claims his love for God but has no time to connect or love people, then it makes no sense.

Daniel went on to say that the more he tried running away from ‘the call’ the stronger was the conviction. Eventually, he started working with young boys and training them which gave him the peace he was looking for.

While speaking about today’s youth, he says, “I see a generation rising, looking for truth… Youth who are more radical and passionate about God. If guided and discipled properly, an army is rising that can shake the planet.”

“I see that the youth are more practical and believes in relationship than religion. However the youth today are walking on thin line… They need leaders that would set examples and not just preach. We need Leaders that would understand the generation that we are dealing with,” added Daniel.

He mentioned that he had to encounter a lot of challenges in his walk with the Lord. He told, “We put up gospel concerts and I have had many instances where the Church would not support us because they think that it is Ungodly. But my focus is ‘people of the World’… they need to know that we serve a GOD that loves the WORLD.” His strength has always been hearing from the Lord through His Word!

He explained that his most wonderful moment with God is when he worships Him and “He allows Prophetic songs to flow through me.” He stated, “Most of the Worship songs we have written are prophetically given by God. I consider those as amazing experiences when His tune and music starts flowing through me.”

Daniel concluded by saying that it is, “high time the Church needs to break free from the self made wall called Religion and wrap up the towel of humility and start serving and washing people’s feet, because that is what our Master taught us. The world needs us…. We need to step down from our Standard to lift up people to Gods Kingdom. (Philippians 2:5-11)”

“We encourage people to serve God with gifting that God has laid in their life. What we are and who we are is not just a co- incident but the divine plan of God. We believe sometimes God would call us to leave everything… but sometimes He uses us like Daniel in Administration, Nehemiah as a Cupbearer, David as a King, and Esther as a Queen… Faith and work completes the will of God,” added the young evangelist.

Daniel Gadal who is currently based in Siliguri, heads the gospel band ‘Judah Plows,’ runs his own studio, Judah Plows Music Studio and is involved in ministering simultaneously. He attends My Father’s House Church Siliguri where he and his wife served as assistant pastors for 3 years, from 2013 till may 2015. His focus now is more on Evangelism and Music Ministry.

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